Considerations for What Type of GHD Hair Straighteners to Use

Published: 24th May 2010
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Considerations for What Type of GHD Hair Straighteners to Use

What Type of Conditioner is Appropriate to Use?

1. An "instant conditioner" is one that coats the GHD Hair Straighteners and gives it body and shine. Instant conditioners flatten the raised cuticle, make the GHD Hair Straighteners soft and manageable, and help protect the inner structure of the GHD shaft from damage by acting as a barrier. This type of conditioner should be used whenever the GHD Straighteners is washed. When choosing an instant conditioner, look for ones that contain some combination of such ingredients as lanolin, cholesterol, sulfonated oil, vegetable oil, proteins and polymers. (

2. Instant conditioners come in "rinse out" forms as well as "leave in" forms. Either is acceptable, and can be tried based on the needs you see in your child's Hair Straighteners. Using a leave-d combing through GHD Hair Straighteners and blow-drying with an attachment. It can also help protect GHD Hair Straighteners Care from heat of blow-drying.

3. The only caution with a "leave-in" conditioner is that curly GHD Hair that is silkier or finer in texture may be left with a film or residue if the leave-in conditioner is too heavy for the texture type. In this case, rinsing it out is advised. A light leave-in conditioner that is in the form of a spray can be used afterwards before brushing/styling the GHD Hair Straighteners.

4. A "penetrating conditioner" is a deeper conditioner that is absorbed into the GHD Hair Straighteners and improves the appearance of the GHD Hair. They are made from animal proteins and keratin. This type of conditioner should be used at each wash if a child's GHD Hair Straighteners is damaged (e.g. ends are split, growth is uneven, GHD Hair Straighteners is exposed to chlorine,colored, etc) or if the scalp looks very dry. If a child's GHD is not damaged, this type of conditioner is good to use once a month. Allowing a penetrating conditioner to stay in the GHD -IV Styler MK4 for at least 15 minutes before rinsing it out is often beneficial. Another technique to get the most value out of such a conditioner is to apply the conditioner and then wrap a moist warm towel or plastic shower cap around the GHD Hair Straighteners for at least 15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear.

What's the Best Way to Apply Conditioner?

1. After shampooing the GHD Black and rinsing it thoroughly, gently squeeze all of the excess water from the GHD Black Limited Edition Hair Straighteners-IV Styler MK4. Section the GHD Hair Straighteners, and add about a handful of conditioner to the palm of your hand and massage the conditioner through. A wide-tooth comb is an excellent tool to use to work conditioner through the GHD Black Limited Edition Hair Straighteners. You can also use the fingertips to do this.

2. Give special attention to working conditioner through to the ends of the GHD Black Limited Edition Hair Straighteners-IV Styler MK4, as the ends tend to be the driest part of the GHD Straighteners and the most prone to tangling and knotting. (

3. Rinse (or leave on if you've used a "leave-in" conditioner) and then comb out and twist the GHD Hair Straighteners into 6 to 15 sections depending on how thick and long the GHD Hair Straighteners is.

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